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Stefan Möhl & CultMedia Showreel

Filming and editing Stefan Möhl // Illustrations and animations CultMedia

Cult Media is a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa that specialises in post-production, motion graphics and illustration taking complex issues and interpreting them into easily understandable graphics for viewers.

Depending on your needs  Stefan Möhl works individually or as a team with CultMedia covering a wide range of creative tasks that include filming, editing, design and animation work, research, scripting, sound design and voice over recording. Together we strive to make content that is both truly impactful and engaging to our intended audience, whilst hopefully shedding light on what are incredibly important and complex issues.

Mozambique recovers from Idai

6min ecological feature. Researched, shot and produced for DW's Global Ideas magazine in 2019:

In March 2019, cyclone Idai swept through Africa, bringing with it the worst floods in 20 years. Mozambique was particularly badly hit. Idai destroyed houses, inundated farms and left many dead.

It's a devastating picture, but scientists say it could have been much worse were it not for a rainforest in Gorongosa National Park in central Mozambique. When the cyclone struck that area, the intact wetland ecosystem was able to absorb much of the torrential rainfall.

Xenophobia on the rise in South Africa

5min background feature about a current affairs topic in South Africa. Researched, shot and produced for DW's Africa programme:

In South Africa, at least five people have been killed in riots targeting foreign workers and foreign-owned businesses. It's the latest outbreak of violence against immigrants near Johannesburg, and part of a trend of hostility toward foreign workers in the country. Beginning on Sunday, mobs of protesters turned violent, looting shops and attacking immigrant shopkeepers and workers. Police ultimately fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters. Dozens have been arrested. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the violence. South Africa is struggling with record unemployment, which is seen as a factor in the wave of resentment against foreign workers.

Street Style Khumbula

8min fashion feature for ARTE's prominent youth culture magazine Tracks. Edited and Shot in 2015. Broadcasted in German and French (please have a look at the German version here):

Die neuen Dandys Südafrikas sind das Streetstyle-Kollektiv Khumbula aus Johannesburg. Ihr Dapper oder Sartorial Dressing hat in Fashionkreisen Aufsehen erregt. Sie finden in den Kleiderschränken ihrer Eltern und Großeltern, was sie brauchen, legen größten Wert auf Eleganz und Stil und sparen damit noch eine Menge Geld. Praktisch, wenn man aus ärmeren Teilen der Stadt kommt.

My City Antananarivo

4min profile for DW's Africa youth magazine The 77 Percent. Researched, shot and produced in 2018:

Antananarivo is Madagascar's lively capital city nestled on and around the Central Highlands. In this episode we take a look at the city through the eyes — and lens — of local photographer and activist Sadify Andrian. With 1.5 million residents, Antananarvio — also known as Tana — is the undisputed cultural and economic heart of the island. It is located 1,280 m (4,199 ft) above sea level and has been the center of Malagsy power for three centuries. Although it's often bypassed by tourists, there's plenty of culture and history to discover in this bustling city.

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